The best way to get a job interview is to write a good and catchy CV. With a CV like this you can really impress the employer and make them call you for an interview. There are loads of job agencies that will charge you for writing an interview winner CV. In this article I will reveal the secrets or writing an interview winner CV (curriculum vitae). I will share you top 3 ways to write a catchy CV or resume. Below are the top 3 ways to write a catchy CV that will impress employers: Start the body of your CV with a good profile. A good profile never exceeds 4 paragraphs. In this 4 paragraphs you must write a very brief resume of what your CV is all about and also remember to tell the employer what type of jobs you are targeting. If you are a graduate write your qualifications on the middle of the first page. This is your focal point of your CV. As this tells the employer that you have all the book and technical knowledge for the job that you are targeting. Never ever exceed 2 pages when you write a CV. Employers do not like to read CV that exceed 2 pages. If they find a big CV they are likely to throw them away. So make the most of each page, try not to leave any empty space on your CV for this very reason. So here you go, the top 3 ways to impress your employers with a good and catchy CV. Seeking for a job in Singapore, you can search a list of latest jobs at jobsbank sg. A recruiting article by Dougles Chan - A recruitment coach that speciliased in recruitment training and recruitment mentoring in Singapore and globally.